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did someone say crispin because


crispin whytehead gon fuck u up fred


old psychonauts drawings when I played and really enjoyed the game.

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d’Artagan (Dart)

The original protagonist planned out for Psychonauts a doublefine creation! Dart was a cool dude with a lot of character and i really liked his original design, but i haven’t seen a lot of references of him around, so here is a few concept images of him that Ive piled up from the Doublefine tumblr. He also makes a quick appearance in the final cinematic peeking around behind a outhouse (and in a couple of coach oleanders mind notes!) 

little interesting things:

When coach oleander tries to probe Raz’s mind in the opening, he says that Raz’s name starts with a “D” referencing Dart.

The reasons for Darts character design change was he was too hard to animate! The designers also didn’t want his long stocking cap to be confused as a ponytail and everyone think he was a girl!


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Tiny, creepy eyed individual, usually in solitude, immense psychic destructive powers, special precautionary measures to contain and prevent accidental release of uncontrollable psychic power..

This thing is pretty much Dogen Boole from Psychonauts.



this is what 12/21/12 looks like for me rn




ok so you can set boyd on fire and he says “not again” so what i’m saying here is boyd has totally accidentally set himself on fire

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I died. This is the most clever thing I’ve seen all week.

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feels good

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