hey psychonauts fandom can you not use ableist language thanks

for the record ‘crazy’ and ‘insane’ and ‘nuts’ are ableist


but what if raz went to drink a glass of water and it literally punched him in the face




someone vaguely mentions Psychonauts


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talk dirty to me



Just thought I’d share

"Somewhere along the way I feel that I lost something important. But I do not know."


A fresh picked bouquet of lilies

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Oh, this too! I think I made this back when there was a rumor going around that about a cut level in Lili’s and Loboto’s shared mindscapes. Which would’ve been really nice, especially to make the difficulty jump from Thorney Towers to the Meat Circus less steep.

Also can you imagine how pretty/scary it would look?? auguhhh

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"Have you seen any of the plays we put on here? Those god-awful slices of Gloria’s terrible life? How am I supposed to bring light to those?"


but guys 

raz losing his mother during his time at the circus
during an act where she fell to the water in a fatally incorrect position
raz trying to save her but not having good enough psychic abilities 
seeing her hand reaching for him as she falls into the water 
said hand haunting him and manifesting as the Hand of Galochio whenever he goes near water